Women's Health

We believe that it is very important for Women to put themselves back into the picture. Often we see women who have looked after the needs of everyone around them at home and at work with very little consideration for themselves and are now in a position of fatigue / burn out. Women are starting to understand that looking after themselves is not selfish but that looking after themselves ultimately means that they have far more to give – because they are now able to give from their “overflow”. They are therefore happier and healthier and as a result able to influence all those around them in a positive way.


In our clinic, when indicated, these are the potential areas that we address for investigation and treatment.


We look at and explore the role of all of these areas in your treatment plan

  •     Extensive health questionnaire (filled out before first visit and returned to us)
  •     Get appropriate previous tests and Specialist’s reports
  •     Saliva testing to assess all hormones and adrenal gland status
  •     Extensive blood work that includes complete Thyroid assessment and Vitamin D
  •     Appropriate Ultrasounds and related tests
  •     Breast Health (Thermography)
  •     Bowel Health
  •     Nutrition for Health
  •     Dental Health
  •     Bone Density Assessments
  •     Toxicity and inflammation in the body
  •     Supplements (specific for specific conditions and a 5 product maintenance program
  •     Further testing - if more clarification is needed for Thyroid, Insulin Resistance, Estrogen Ratios, Melatonin/Cortisol, etc.
  •     Life Style


We include in the plan the following treatment modalities

Homeopathic treatment for Drainage and Detoxification

High Potency Homeopathy and Homeopathic Counseling for the programmed conditioned (negative) thinking. How we think and feel dramatically Influences our state of health