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Doctor Westmacott MD, CCFP, MFHom (UK) and Carole Westmacott RN, worked together in a very traditional rural medical practice that included the whole gamut of Family Practice, including Family Practice Obstetrics, emergency department coverage, hospital care and on-call. Since moving to Alberta, they have established an Integrated Medical Clinic in Canmore. Patients still maintain their own Family Doctor but choose Ideal Health as well, in order to include an integrated approach to their health care. Ideal Health is known for its Holistic Medical approach. Patients feel confident with this combination approach to their investigation and treatment. In the office, they also value the longer appointments and the attention that is given to their individualized concerns.


*  As a Practitioner OR  *As an Individual Client;

  • Bio-Identical hormone balancing and replacement
  • Analysing hormone saliva test results
  • Analysing laboratory results
  • Analysing specific patient results
  • When to do additional testing
  • Homeopathic hormonal support
  • Homeopathic drainage for physiologic renewal
  • What to look for in follow up
  • Trouble shooting with difficult cases
  • When to use high potency homeopathy for perceptual and behavioural changes
  • How to keep on track

All based on practical clinical experience


Ideal Health Coaching is designed to help Professionals who wish to have assistance in integrating different modalities of investigations and treatments into their practices. Examples of topics covered are the use of Bio-identical hormones (including hormones for the thyroid and adrenal gland), additional in depth testing, office homeopathy, maintenance supplements and preventive measures to help patients sustain their level of performance.


This service is also available for individual clients who would like information and discussion about an integrated approach to their own health care. 


 All coaching sessions are done by telephone or SKYPE.

SESSIONS:  Are 20 minutes in length, can be booked individually or consecutively.

  • Stand Alone Session
  • Silver         - 3 Sessions
  • Gold          - 5 Sessions
  • Plantinum   -7 Sessions

To book your sessions or for further information:

1.  Email:



The information given during Coaching Sessions is meant for educational purposes only. It is not intended for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of any disease or disorder in a specific individual.