Natural Hormones

When necessary, we have been prescribing physiological doses of Bioidentical Hormones (natural hormones) as part of our treatment for women for greater than 10 years. It is important, first of all, for women to understand the difference between the responses of the body to synthetic hormones in comparison to the responses to Bioidentical hormones. We determine the necessity for Hormone support from presenting symptoms and from Saliva Test results. Using this data, we customize the person’s treatment according to their personal needs. Bioidentical Hormones are filled by skilled Compounding Pharmacists using this individualized prescription.


With the understanding that just prescribing replacement hormones is only part of any treatment plan, we also investigate the overall health of each person and treat according to their needs. Once Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy has been implemented, periodic follow up saliva tests are used in conjunction with the clinical response to determine the efficacy of treatment. Even though Perimenopause and Menopause are the primary times in a women’s life where the use of Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy is most used, we are seeing hormonal imbalances in much younger women in today’s society. In this situation, temporary use of Bioidentical Hormones along with other treatments can be very effective.