BHRT Webinar series in Association with Rocky Mountain Analytical

IDEAL HEALTH / Rocky Mountain Analytical BHRT Webinar Series
At last, the educational Webinar series you've been waiting for!

Learn how to apply BHRT in clinical practice. This Webinar series covers all the basics for beginners, and has some clinical pearls for veteran

Webinar 1: October 7, 2009 Overview of Hormonal Interplay & the Why and How of Bio-identical Hormones
Webinar 2: October 14, 2009 Female Hormone Balancing
Webinar 3: October 28, 2009 The Adrenal Gland
Webinar 4: November 11, 2009 Understanding Thyroid Hormone
Webinar 5: November 25, 2009 Male Hormone Balance & Overall Summary

To get the most out of this educational series, we recommend that you attend all 5 webinars.

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Cost of all 5 Webinars: $99.00 - save when you register for all 5 Webinars
Cost per Webinar: $40.00

Webinar Series Presenter:

Dr. Clare Westmacot, MD, CCFP, MFHom(UK) from Ideal Health in Canmore, our presenter for this series.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy has been an integral part of Dr. Westmacott's practice for more than 13 years.